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CBN Committees

CBN relies on the work of the dedicated volunteers who make up our committees to accomplish many of our day-to-day initiatives.  We have three standing committees:

Communications and Membership:  this committee is responsible for most communication with members, stakeholders and the public, including social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), the website, and email (the newsletter, member updates and member newsflashes).  It also looks after member recruitment and retention, with the assistance of the Membership Task Force.

Government Relations:  this committee is responsible for outreach to all three levels of government.  Some of this effort is focused on creating awareness of the brownfield issue and of CBN, and some of it (often in conjunction with the Technical Advisory Committee) is responding to requests for comment or public consultations on proposed legislative or regulatory changes.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC):  TAC monitors the development and implementation of legislative and regulatory changes, mainly at the provincial level.  The committee has members in all Canadian regions; they report on changes in their regions at each meeting.  TAC also replies to requests for comment or public consultation, often in partnership with the Government Relations Committee.  

In addition, CBN has three ad hoc committees:

  • Conference:  The Conference Committee organizes all aspects of the annual CBN conference, from identifying a theme to arranging speakers to promotion to members and other stakeholders.
  • HUB Awards:  This committee manages the HUB (Heroes Underpinning Brownfields) Awards program, inaugurated in 2016.  This includes soliciting and evaluating nominations and selecting the winners.
  • Brownie Awards:  CBN has been presenting the Brownie Awards in partnership with Actual Media since 2016.  This committee solicits nominations, appoints and supports the judges’ panel and, together with Actual Media, promotes the event.

All our committees would welcome your help.  If you are interested in joining a committee (or supporting one in another way), please contact the CBN office.

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